For nearly 70 years, De Smet has been a major reference in the Oils and Fats Industry.

 The activities of NV Extraction De Smet SA began in Edegem, Antwerp in 1946 with the Continuous Solvent Extraction process developed by Mr J.A.De Smet, the company then grew into an engineering corporation servicing the full requirements of the Oils & Fats industry throughput the World.


 DS Group S.A as such was only incorporated in December 1986 with the purpose of holding into a single common structure, to the benefit of the different founding families and shareholders of Extraction De Smet, the ownership of the international network of affiliates and diversification investments.


 In 2003, DS Group SA sold the entire Oils & Fats division to a private investor, this corporation presently operates totally separately under the name of DeSmet Ballestra.


 More recently, in 2014, DS Group S.A. has divested from it's holding into DeSmet Engineers & Contractors with it's previous partner, Moret INDUSTRIES GROUP now becoming the majority shareholder.


 During the past years, through it's international presence, DS Group SA has grasped various opportunities to incorporate new businesses and to acquire new exciting operations.


 The present note refers to the assets that remain under the active management control of DS Group.