Argentina, Buenos Aires


C/ Jose Ingenieros 2475

B1610 Barrio Ricardo Rojas, Tigre

T: +54 11 4740 0566



     Ionics S.A is an innovative gamma ionisation multipurpose plant based in Buenos Aires.


Ionisation ensures the decontamination of pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic products as a result of their exposure to gamma rays emitted by Cobalt 60 sources.


The company was created in 1988 and is the only private industrial ionisation plant in Argentina.


Ing Daniel Alejo Perticarol Director - IONICS

     Daniel joined IONICS S.A. in 1997 at an early stage of the growth of the operations of this business.


Daniel has a degree in Chemical Engineering obtained from the University of Buenos Aires.


Prior to joining IONICS S.A. Daniel has held, during various years, different international commercial responsibilities whilst working in Argentina with two major European Chemical Corporations.