France, Paris Area


1 Rue des Claires 

94150 RUNGIS

T: +33 01 46 87 23 11



     Jean Luc Delsol joined SENECRUS in 1990 as the responsible person for the sale of cooked shrimps on the French market.


   Before joining SENECRUS, Jean Luc worked for a number of years, with a large mass distribution company located in the Paris area.


   Since 2013 Jean Luc is also in charge of the coordination of the daily activities of the of cooking facility located in Rungis.


     Senecrus is focused in the processing of shrimps of the vanamei and menodon varieties.


Created in 1981, in RUNGIS, near Paris, which is today the biggest international Food Market in France, Senecrus is one of the pioneers in this trade, and It is recognized for the quality of its products, which make it a leading reference on the French Market.




Jean Luc Delsol Director - Senecrus